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i was wondering if you know or heard about blue panic grass, and would it be healthy for our cattle. thank you


I don't know blue panic grass, but this was pulled from Feedipedia (

"As blue panic may become woody with maturity, it is recommended to graze it rotationally and heavily in order to maintain its nutritive value. Grazing height should be between 10 and 30 cm and rest intervals should vary from 20 to 30 days, depending on moisture conditions (FAO, 2011). In Pakistan, a 2-month clipping interval was shown to favour higher biomass and nutritional value when offered to Nili buffaloes. The two interval also sustained grass vigour (Sarwar et al., 2006). On arid degraded rangelands in Southwestern USA, Panicum antidotale ingested by cattle was viable and germinated well in dung patches after 3 years (Barrow et al., 1992; Barrow et al., 1995).

"Panicum antidotale can yield 10-50 t of fresh material/ha (Ecocrop, 2011). Hay yields vary from 2.5 to 6 t DM/ha under rainfed conditions to almost 5 t/ha under irrigation (FAO, 2011). In Pakistan, under semi-arid conditions, Panicum antidotale had the highest sprouting response and percentage when compared with 8 other forages. Fresh biomass and DM yield was the highest during spring season. Panicum antidotale and Digitaria species (Digitaria eriantha and Digitaria swazilandensis) gave the highest yields (Arshadullah et al., 2009)."

Another good link:

So yes, it's good as a pasture grass for your cattle.

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