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Rachael wrote at 2008-07-30 01:24:07
Cow are so a family pet. I have two pets cows and they are better than a dog or a cat. Therefore they should be looked after just as well as any other animal especially seeing as they have a use like milk. Dogs and Cats are useless animals so they are no more deserving of shelter than a cow.

tim wrote at 2009-09-03 06:36:12
we live in the country and have horses and cows.  We have a barn they stay in when it is very cold.  but honestly they would rather be outside given the choice. this is obvious by their actions.  this past winter one of our neighbors who has horses had a new person move into the neighborhood who didn't think he had an adequate shelter for his horses.   so they reported him.  he had to build a shelter for his horses which they hardly went in at all.  Then, we had a record breaking snowfall, which caused several roofs in the area, including this shelter to collapse.  In this case one horse was injured.  Just mind your own business and let the ranchers/farmers mind theirs.

Karin wrote at 2013-04-05 02:08:11
Cows often don't give a damn about the rain.  Some will be complete wussies and head to the nearest shelter at the slightest  sign of rain, others love to stay out and graze in the rain, but may want to go find some shelter when it really gets nasty.  Cows have much thicker hide than we do, so are more resistant to various climatic conditions and temperatures than we are.

The thing is is that what you see driving by isn't always the whole picture.  You probably never seen the barn or other sheds in the background or farther away from where you see them in the pasture where they go to get milked and get fed.

As was mentioned before, cows are livestock, not pets, and are raised not in such a way that those who raise them don't care about them, but both care about them so that they can get something back from what they put into those cows, like milk which is sold for a bit of income.  


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