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Hi....thank you for taking my question.  I am making (or trying to make) the distressed mason jars by painting the outside, then scratching off the paint a bit around the lettering.  While I have seen some tutorials on it, they mention to use regular acrylic paint.  I tried that and the paint came peeling off.  Then I tried Folk Art all surfaces paint and that peeled off while I was putting on a second coat.  I couldn't believe it.  I noticed that it says on the bottle to either bake or cure for 21 days.  I will try again.  I would think I need to seal it with something after the 21 days.  What would you recommend?  Also would like to know a good sealer for Mod Podged wood and tiles items I have done.

Thank you so much!  I appreciate it.

Hi, Joanie. Sorry to report that I'm more of an expert on kids' art than on crafts. However, I have heard that the Folk Art paint is excellent. The baking is important, maybe between coats?  I usually use ModPodge. If you have a craft store like Michaels near by, I suggest you take your project to them and ask for advice. Sorry I've never tried this and I don't have much to offer.  :(

MaryAnn Kohl

I saw something on the internet about painting on glass jars....
On this one, they paint "INSIDE" the jars and bottles. Very pretty. They use "my studio acrylic craft paint".

This one is a video that shows similar.

This one suggests dishwasher safe ENAMEl paint

This one is for kids, but it's really cool!  


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