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I need so fun craft ideas for my toddler she loves to paint.

First, let me apologize for not getting back to you sooner. I have been having major trouble with my email receptions, getting into documents, etc.
As to crafts for a 2 year old--even if, by now, she is probably :( --There are a few I have done with my grandchildren. If it's a one-on-one situation, as you suggest in your email, it will be easier.
You could make your own dough with 1 cup of flower, 1/2 cup of salt & 1/4, + or - . Work the three ingredients until they are maliable but dry. (You may want to have a bowl of water or some baby wipes, or whatever, handy for hand cleaning!) You can make things like snowmen,  teddy bears, flowers, butterflies, wherever her imagination, & Mommy's good sense :) ,takes her! You can mold them by hand or use cookie cutters in any shape you like, for whatever season you wish to make them!
If you think that's maybe a little too difficult, try something simple like drawing her a picture & getting her to fancy it up with stickers. In fact, there is a magazine that I bought for my Daughter when her two Children were 2 & 3. It is the "Highlighter" series. They cover many age ranges & have great things to do on a rainy day. You can get a perscription or just pick them up in your local book store. (Check out the local second hand store, too, for copies, or to your local library.)
Another idea would be to take paper towel rolls, white glue (make your own with water, flour & salt, only of much thinner consistancy than the dough!), some feathers that they can find outside, bits of pretty fabric, washable markers,etc. Show your Daughter how to make a face at the top, & perhaps add some wool for the hair--colour & length to be chosen by your Daughter!--a small piece of fabric for clothing. Then show her how to make feet from cardboard--coloured if you have it, white if not--that can be cut out with blunt nose scissors. (Remember, there are two of them & not much room to stick them on your paper towel roller!) She can do the sticking, once all the articles are ready.
The key word here is: "FUN"!! So have lots of it!!
Let me know how it goes, &, once again, I offer my apologies for the lateness of my reply...
Good Luck...Dodie


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I am able to answer questions regarding: ceramics, beeswax candles, cleaning things from other things, working with wood/pinecones/etc. in the making of centre pieces & wall hangings. I also have a Christmas Village that is approximately 60 square feet in area & takes, at this time, 3 days to assemble for the Christmas Season, but only one day to take down. I also am a great baker & cake/cookie/cupcake decorator (I made my own wedding cake, my sister's for her 25th wedding anniversary, & for two of my friends weddings) & chocolate user for fancy stuff. I have done some small quilting projects & am starting something known as a "Farm Quilt". It requires taking pictures of people, animals & farm buildings on the farm you are using for a model. These pics are then transfered onto the quilt & "quilted" into it. Great fun! Great Family Heirlooms! I know a little about bisque, but more about ceramics. I also do sewing pictures. No, I do not do needle point. The pics are drawn & then various stitches are used to create a three-dimentional appearance.


I have made many presents for others--Christmas, Birthdays, etc. Also, I sold crafts for several years. I have also worked with 4-h-ers for several years as a craft leader, goat leader, woodsman coach, & photography. Now, a friend & I have a business (more hers than mine:) making several varieties of pure beeswax candles. Not the cheepy ones you buy in the dollar store. We go through several hundred pounds of high-grade beeswax every year. It is more a natural, life-styles choice than just candles for burning. They are all natural in style although they take on various shapes as we learn more about versatility.

I am still a 4-H leader in crafts & gardening. "The Garden Bee" is the name of my friend's company. You can view it at on her website, should you so desire. Also, I have recently retired after 16 years of directing our Church Choir.

I have a BSc in Psychology/Computer Sciences. As well, I have taken a couple of courses in ceramics & basic painting which have come in very handy over the years when doing various things with students & friends.

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