Ok, so I wanna make Mother's day, for my mom, special. So, I am going to make a table cloth, make her breakfast, clean the house, make her fake flowers out of paper, and make her a card.
Question 1:
What else could I make her?
I only have paper, colered pencils, scissors, crayons, glue, and that's all. So, tell me how to make it, what it is, and what I need. Thanx!
Question 2:
What can I make her for breakfast? It can only be in the toaster, microwave or on the counter. I am only 10, so I can't use the oven or stove. Thanx! Also, no noise! Thanx!
Answer the questions best you can.

     - Angel
P.S. - Please answer what you can!

Great ideas Angel! How about a paper chain and hang the letters spelling "Happy Mother's Day" from some of the links to make a pretty banner? Cut strips of paper and glue them together in a chain. Then cut the letters and use some of the scrap paper to connect them with glue to the chain.

For breakfast...A nice fruit salad, with toast, jam and juice would be wonderful (and very quiet). You can always add yogurt and granola if you'd like to make a yogurt parfait!

Enjoy the day.


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