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Hi MaryAnn!
I need a few expert quotes about making homemade bubbles for kids... You could talk about why making bubbles are better than store bought because it is more artistic and creative, something like that. These quotes will appear in a article I am writing and would feature your name and occupation, so if you want to include a certain title for yourself, or if you have a website or twitter handle you want linked to your name that would be great. Thanks so much MaryAnn!

Hi, Kelly. Next time you need me, please email me directly at   Sometimes I don't see these AllExperts requests all that quickly.

Quote?? Ok!!  :)  I'll give you a few you can choose from:

Making your own bubbles is a fun and important activity to do with the kids so they can see how the ingredients come together to form bubbles (which are far superior to store-bought). After mixing the ingredient, enjoy the fun of playing together making bubbles of all sizes. Be sure to explore different bubble wands like a potato masher, coat hanger, colander, and other items you have around. Discovering which ones work is a great learning experience.

A homemade bubble mixture is far superior to any you can buy. The bubbles are strong and give the kids plenty of success. Be sure to experiment with different bubble wands like a potato masher, coat hanger, colander, and other items you have around. Discovering which ones make bubbles is a great learning experience.

MaryAnn F. Kohl, process art author and presenter,


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I am an award-winning author of books about art for children of all ages. My expertise is in the creative process of art more than the finished product (though I like products too!). I like to help kids explore and discover their own creativity through art ideas. You can also look at samples of my favorite art ideas at my webpage I hope you will write to me if you have questions about art and creativity for your child.


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