Crafts/Rusting wire, pins etc


Old Glory Soldiers wrote at 2008-01-17 18:41:08
There are a few different ways to rust safety pins, wire and bells.

A lot of people will use a vinegar and bleach mixture, which is very caustic and must be done outdoors.  Another downside, is that this actually weakens the metal and can cause it to be fragile, possibly breaking while trying to craft with your rusted items.

There are a lot safer ways to achieve this look as well.

You can spray items with a dark paint that states it can be used for metal (like a primer) and sprinkle cinnamon or you use metal paint, that comes in a bottle and sprinkle in with cinnamon.

This is a great, safe, alternative to achieving a rusted, aged appearance!

noble wrote at 2008-04-09 10:42:44
try a solution of one bottle of peroxide the whole thing-one cup of white vinegar -two tablespoons salt-mix well-it will bubble-let soak and them toss out to dy in the sun-will rust over a short period of time-do not use stainless steel

Shabbulous wrote at 2013-02-21 16:24:59
You can try vinegar. Search YouTube for rusting wire. Vinegar also good for aging wood. Marinate some steel wool in a jar of vinegar overnight for a naturally aging stain.


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