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Hello Brian, my name is Jon. I am currently preparing to start a collaborative creative writing club here at my school and I am in need of advice. My idea is that everyone who joins the club will team together to write, edit, and publish a creative novel. Unfortunately I am new to all this and I don't know how to organize the club so that everyone can work together efficiently. So my question is: how can I inspire my classmates to join the club and work together to create one great novel?

Hi Johnathan!

Sounds great!  I actually organize a group of my own, but not writing-related, and I am part of a creative group, but I don't know how helpful I'll be!

The main thing is to be sure you have a clear vision of what you want out of the club.  The clearer it is, the more you'll know how to organize it and what type of people you want to find.  For instance, my group has 50 members, but I'm sure we could have double or triple that if I was looser with my requirements.  But I'd rather have a small group of dedicated people than a large group of people with their own agendas.  I think we all benefit from this, since we are all sharing a common goal.

In that regard, you may want to consider:
1. How often do you want people to meet and/or work on the group goal?
2. How much effort are you expecting from everyone?
3. What kind of people can join?  Are absolute novices alright?
4. To what extent are you expecting everyone to contribute?  Do you expect everyone to edit, for example, or just people who want to?
5. What possible problems do you anticipate and how do you propose to handle them?  What if you don't get enough people?  What if people disagree on the theme or genre of the novel?  What if people quit halfway through?

The clearer your vision the more enthusiastic you will be about it and the more enthusiastic your members will become as a result.

Anyway, hope that helps and I wish you the best of luck on your endeavor!

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