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QUESTION: hello sir, i am 19 years old, my life has faced many up and downs in  which i lost my 3 years of education, but i had a hobby of writin for which i am writing my own book or novel, i have no-knowledge in this kind of field but i love to write my own thinking, my own story, but i lack in some ideas and creativity
because my literature isn't that good...
but still i want to do my own book.. i need help with some brian-storming and creativity..
also my sketches are good enough for my book i drew each and every character for it, my own cast...

ANSWER: Hello Saurabh!

I love writing and I especially love stories, so I'd love to help you!  But if you don't mind, I'd like you to be more specific.  What exactly are you having trouble brainstorming?  Plot points?  Character backgrounds or personalities?  A setting?

If you could let me know exactly what you are having trouble with I'd be happy to help you.  Look forward to your follow up!

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QUESTION: i am writing my own novel on characters like good guys turns bad, then bad to worst, its somewhat about serial killers, contract killers all happens for a revenge..
i have plotted points, characters and story lineup but i am having a little problem in continuing the story further more, i wanna add some more thrill and suspense, most probably the hard dialogues of the hard characters, like characters behaviour change according to the type of my novel.. i didn't named my novel yet, i think it would be great when i finish it up.. my english writing, selection of words is not good enough.. i use ginger to solve my mistakes while writing.. that's all but i love writing.. well i am creative enough.. just a little freaked out nowadays.. well, so sir help me :

ANSWER: Hi Saurabh!

Ok, now I have a better idea of what you are looking for.  Here are a few tips I'd like to offer you, as well as some pages that I think have great ideas.

1. Make sure your characters are three-dimensional.  What I mean is, no villain is all-bad, no matter how many terrible things he does.  Even Adolf Hitler thought what he was doing was "right".  So what I mean is, ask yourself why?  Why does your main character do bad things?  Why does he continue to do bad or worse things?  What are his motives?  Very often, they are actually very good motives.

2. Make your characters dynamic.  Why is the Joker such a great villain for Batman?  Because he is both dynamic and complementary.  What I mean is, he shares enough with Batman that he actually understands Batman better than anyone, but in some ways, he made some very different choices than Batman, which makes them such a fascinating pair: the only difference between the Joker and Batman is a few key choices.  If your main character has any enemies, consider how they are similar and what separates them, and use those differences to push them further into the story, and use those similarities to challenge them.

3. Study stories that you want your story to be like.  Look at stories with great dialogue that have characters like you want to make (maybe Kill Bill, maybe Batman).  Don't worry about the words, but rather the reactions.  How do the characters react to each other?  Are they cool?  Clever?  Hostile?  Do they admire each other or hate each other?  Are they direct or indirect?  Consider how you could change the dialogue in stories you like to make it more like you.

Finally, I think these websites have some pretty good, but basic, ideas about writing good villains.  I hope they help!

Good luck!

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QUESTION: thanks alot for your help sir... seriously, just one little help sir please if you don't mind
my story is negative, based on the villain character, i plotted some points so that they would be helpful in creating some suspense factor later like the mistakes in his earlier life leads to some incidence further,.. like i want some deep suspense, i found some points but something like hard enough to just make my novel damn awesome... please help me in that.. how to plot a suspense or thrill, for thrill i've got some action and hard dialogues just some suspense and what we can say just an amazing turn...
like a normal life guy turns a dictator-drug dealer-spot fixer and all.. something like that is my character.. please help sir, you're awesome..

Hi again Saurabh!

Haha!  This type of question is fairly common, and really there is only one appropriate answer that I think I can give: you can't force your story.

What I mean is this: your story has to tell itself.  Trying to force "deep suspense" or "an awesome twist" in a story is like trying to fit the your favorite puzzle piece into a spot.  You might get lucky and it turns out that was the right spot, but most likely, you'll get a weird looking puzzle, with a piece that was forced in there.

A story has to tell itself.  The characters have to do what the characters do, not what you think they should do, or what you think readers want them to do.  By focusing on making your novel "damn awesome" you're doing just the opposite: you're making it formulaic and gimmicky.  Awesome stories are awesome because they couldn't happen any other way, they make perfect sense.  We can relate to them, and we feel "Yes, that's exactly what such a character would have done."  The reason Sixth Sense had such an amazing twist is because it all made sense in the end.  The reason M Night's other movies were horrible is because he shoved a twist in there when it didn't fit.

Don't write to create perfection.  Write to write.  Let the story unfold and, once it does, you're welcome to go back over it and polish it.  But just let it come out.

Good luck, and I hope that helps!

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