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I have a Capital One card that I've only used to pay my internet bill and have always paid the credit card bill in full each month and on time. Other than that, I do not have much knowledge about how credit card companies work.

I am buying an airline ticket on February 19th to fly out to see family on March 30th. The bill from the credit card will come in before I leave on the trip.

I will only be able to pay the minimum (or a bit more) on that first bill. Will the credit card company cancel my ticket if it's not paid in full that first payment? I am so nervous about this as this trip is very important to me and my family.

Thank you for any feedback you can give me. :)



I am not sure how they would cancel the ticket. As long as you make minimum monthly payments you will be OK. Payoff when you can.

Finally, I do not remember, but I am not sure that they can immediately charge the card for the flight. I think they have put a hold on the card and then charge near the flight time. I could be wrong about this last part.


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