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I have a very high interest credit card and my balance is $6,000.  The credit limit on it is $7,500.  I am 29 years old and got this credit card when I was 18 and made very poor choices with it when I was younger.  I do not charge anything on it now.  I always pay more than the minimum balance and I still can't seem to get anywhere on it.  I have a good credit score of 780 so it hasn't really effected my credit at all.  I would just like to know what my best option is to try to get this card paid off.  I haven't tried calling the credit card company to see if I can get the interest lowered but I have heard from other people that the company does not budge on interest rates.  I have seen offers for balance transfers with 0% interest for a year or more and I would consider this but the problem is I don't make a lot of money since I work part time.  I'm thinking I would only get approved for maybe $2,000 credit limit, so I would only be able to transfer that much.  However my husband makes a lot more than I do and has even better credit than me.   I'm wondering if I would be able to have him as a co signer on the card and if that would raise my credit limit to around $6,000.  I know there is a possibility of taking a loan out but I would like to avoid that.  Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Dawn,

First and foremost I would like to commend you on working toward paying off your credit card debt. Those interest charges really do add up and your definately taking a step in the right direction.

Now, while adding your husband to your credit card application may improve your chances of being approved for a card with a higher credit limit, it may not be necessary. Credit card applications typically ask for your HOUSEHOLD INCOME, not individual income, so you should be okay in applying on your own and inputting your entire household income on the application.

But, lets say that you still want to apply for a credit card with him as a co-signer and do a balance transfer. You can still do this, and once approved, you will be able to schedule a balance transfer with the new credit card company.

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