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Hi Chris, my husband and I are working on repairing both our credits (which aren't damaged, we just don't have any) We were looking into a Secured Credit Card, but I don't know what any of these APR means or anything else. I was wondering if there was a fairly decently priced card, or if you could explain what type to look for or simply recommend a couple different cards.

I was looking into this card, but I don't know anything about the percentages and fees if it'd be worth it or not.

Any help you could offer about Secured Credit Cards would be great. Thanks a lot!


First I prefer to obtain secured credit credit cards from major institutions like Wells Fargo, Capital One, or your local credit union.

While I did not look at the fees charged by the one your mentioned, please compare them to your local banks. I often find that you will get a better deal from local.

As far as APR, quite frankly it does not matter as much on a low limit credit card like a secured credit card. I would not carry a balance (even a small one) at all. Then APR does not matter if you have no balance.

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