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QUESTION: I was 1 month (33 days late) on a payment to Capetol Onee.  they were supposed to send me a reminder notice (which they did not or it got lost in my junk mail).  As soon as I found out, (on the 33rd day)  I made my payment to get caught up on the phone with the representative. They said it went to the credit agencies and they would not take it off. My credit score is 680 now. they are going to go down between 45 and 78 points. I did file a dispute with the credit card company yesterday. Any way I can get it removed? How long will my credit scores stay that low on my credit report?  I have always paid on time. this was the only time I was late  in 6 years since I got the card.  Thanks for your time.


I am not sure what advice I can give other than to see if you can get Capital One to do a courtesy deletion of the late payment due to the extenuating circumstances. However, I do not think they are required to send a reminder.

A late payment will severely effect your credit score immediately. As time moves on then the impact will lessen. After 24 months the impact will be negligible.

I wish you the best of luck.

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QUESTION: do you think Capital one may do a courtesy deletion?  Or are they pretty hard to do a courtesy deletion.
I have also filed a dispute with them.
Is it still ok if I still call them and ask for a courtesy deletion?  
Or should I wait until I see how the dispute turns out?  thanks for your time


I have seen it 50/50 on the courtesy deletions from Capital One. I think that it is definitely worth the time to attempt it. I do not see where the dispute would effect them giving a courtesy deletion.

If you wait for the dispute to resolve itself they mostly likely will regurgitate what they have in their computer system.


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