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QUESTION: I just had a 30 day late payment on a credit card (just a slip up)

Here are my  credit scores:
         60 days ago          now          {drop}
 Equifax       759          691          {68}  
 Experian      769          731          {38}
 Trans Union   760          740          {20}
average(60 days ago) 756    (now)   720          {42)  drop now

How long will it take for my credit score to go up ?

Thanks for your time_________________


You should start seeing some improvement in about 6 months. It will not have much effect  after 24 months.

Have you tried calling the credit card issuer? Some of them will adjust the credit reporting as a courtesy for good clients and the first time lates.

Chris Ebert

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My credit card is with Capital One. I've tried calling and asking them for a courtesy deletion (I have always been on time, never a late payment) (I was just 33 days late) They took off the late charge, but they would not delete it from my credit report. I am currently disputing it. They were supposed to send me an email reminder, but they did not.
Any other suggestions?  Can I call anyone at Capital One?
Can I write to anyone?  Should I just keep on calling and hope I will get to the right person to take it off?

thanks again for your time....

I wish I had a specific person to send you to but I do not.

I have found that sometimes going to executive office helps:


Mr. Richard D. Fairbank
President & CEO
Capital One Financial Corp
1680 Capital One Drive
McLean, VA 22102

Chris Ebert  

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