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QUESTION: The Discover Card says they provide you with your free FICO score on your statement every month. I don't have a Discover card and it's tempting to get it for that, but my big concern would be... is it not true that when you apply for a new credit card, your score temporarily goes down, even if it's slightly? I'm soon going to finance a new car and don't need my score to go down at all, even  temporarily. Thanks


It is true that if you apply for credit cards it will lower your score. If you are wanting a free way to obtain a credit score then I suggest: <-- My favorite and member for a few years

Both of these are self pull credit reporting so you should not see a lowering of your credit score.


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QUESTION: But isn't the FICO score the one that lenders use? I read that all the rest, including Karma is more of an estimate. And after checking someone's credit, do you know if a car dealership makes that info available to the customer?  Thanks again.

You are correct that the services I named do not use the FICO score. They use a simulated score. But I do find them to be generally accurate.

By the way the FICO score is calculated differently based on the item you are buying. So you would notice a difference in a residential mortgage score, auto score, and consumer score.

I am not aware that a lender has to give you a copy of your credit report unless you were denied credit because of it.  

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