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I have privacy assist with scenario.
I it shows my credit activity , scores, etc.
If I go to the "What if" scenario .
that is it shows what my credit score will be if I
pay down a credit card, etc.
For example, it shows if I pay down a credit card,
that has a $2000 limit..I owe $1700 right now.
If I pay it down to $700. it drops my credit score 16 points!!
Another example,I have a credit card with a $9600 limit.
I owe $400 on it.... If I pay it off, it drops my credit
score 8 points.
I am paying off (or down) a credit card and I am being penalized for that.
What is that?
thanks for your time


I am not sure I trust the credit score simulator given the examples. I am more likely to believe the 2nd example than the 1st example.

In general if you go from a high credit utilization to a lower credit utilization you should pick up points. When you go below 5% credit utilization, I do have math that shows you lose just a few points.

Credit Utilization in the ratio from the balance to the credit limit. Higher than 50% = Bad, Lower than 10% = Great  

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