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We have a good income, relatively low debt and a good credit rating.  We recently undertook $10K plus in debt with a vacation points resort company.  Is there any reason why we shouldn't charge that balance onto one of our current credit cards, then shortly after, send the debt to a new card we've been approved for which offers a 0% APR on credit card balance transfers into 2016? That way we'd have until early 2016 to pay down the principle.  I just wanted to make sure there was nothing questionable about this approach.  Thanks.

There are two sides to this issue. What make sense financially and what makes sense for credit score.

The credit score goes down as you max out a credit card. It is that simple. If you think you are going to finance something major like a car or home and want preferred rates then this move might cost you extra on financing.

Financially this makes sense because you are borrowing money at 0%. That is not bad. It is as good as it gets.

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