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This is not specifically for Texas but I believe it is a general query. My wife and I both lost our jobs and had a foreclosure on our home. We had only borrowed $100,000 but with the added lawyer fees and etc, they took over $200,000 from the auction. We got the rest back after hiring a lawyer. For the next 10 years we did not apply for credit, we got new jobs, moved to a new area, bought 2 houses for cash, and have an income now of over $75K. We checked our credit reports last week and there is NOTHING on there - they told us we have "thin file"s. We want to establish good credit again so we applied to our bank for a Mastercard credit card(that is the card the bank uses). We thought this was a good decision as they see exactly what we deposit so that verifies our income and the manner in which we spend. We have 3 bank accounts in this bank - two checking and one savings. We have no loans, no debts, our vehicles are paid for, our income and local taxes are paid on time, everything is good. They approved a credit card for us for only $500.00. That is nothing. What should we do? Thanks.


I can understand the frustration you are having in re-establishing your credit. The truth is no one wants to be the first to lend to you. So if they are the first then they are conservative in their offer.

If you want to get a higher unsecured credit limit you have a few options:

1) Wait until they offer you a higher credit limit which usually takes 6-12 months. They will usually raise the limits in $500 increments for you.

2)Proactively call them to protest the credit limit and see if you can get them to raise it.

3) Find another creditor that may give you a higher credit limit. Credit card companies will often index your credit limit to what other companies have given you. So you will usually notice that if one company raises your limit, others will follow in kind. If you can not find another company that will give you unsecured credit, you may want to look at secured credit card. You can determine your credit limit by the amount of your deposit.

4) Do nothing and accept it as it is.

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