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I can't seem to raise my credit score no matter what I do (or don't do)!!! I pay on time and have for more than 5 years except for 1 instance where I was 30 days late because of a misunderstanding and that was about 3 -4 years ago. Adding different types of credit (personal loans) and adding new credit cards haven't increase my score at all. It says between 750 (on some reports) and 777 (on others). I'd be happy to hit the 800 mark but it seems that won't happen. Is this normal for it to stay the same for years on end???  

In addition, I never get automatic credit line increases; I always have to ask. They don't have to do a hard inquiry but can offer an increase based on my payment history. I thought this was supposed to be automatic without my having to ask (since they randomly review accounts)??


Your credit score can certainly stay the same in the mid 700's for a while. It is not a bad score. You should qualify for most of the lowest financing out there already. If you really do need it higher you may want to consult a law firm. From what was said on here there is no real way to help you.

Creditors do not have to give automatic increases. At a certain point, you just may be maxed out for the income you declare.


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