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I currently have a Visa card through my bank, U.S. Bank, and a Mastercard through Chase. I just got a letter from Chase saying they are converting all their Mastercards to Visa. I called U.S. Bank to see if they can convert my Visa to a Mastercard and they said they can't and they are also phasing out Mastercard and switching to Visa. So that leaves me with 2 Visa cards and no Mastercard. I've always thought it was good to have 2 brands of credit cards and now I'll only have one, although they are from 2 different issuers. My current credit score is great, 808, but how will it be affected by not having two different kinds of credit cards, or will it? I could apply for a Mastercard at a different bank, but two credit cards are really all I need.  Thanks


You will not be affected in the credit score by having two Visa, two Mastercard, or one of each. That is not a factor.

The factors are:
a) Time the credit card open
b) on time payment history
c) credit utilization (ratio of the balance to the credit limit -- high ratio = bad)

Your score may be affected by them closing one card account number and adding a new one to the credit report. In short it is a new account.

But I would not worry about the impact if you are starting from an 808.

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