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Hi Chris,

I need some advice on a collection that is on my credit report.
The Collection is on a ComED from 4 years ago that was left un-noticed.  
Now I see this collection ($400) being reported on my credit report by 2 different collection agencies.
What should I do to fix this situation?
Do I call ComED itself and pay the past due balance?
I'm not sure what to do, as I don't see it being fair that I would have to pay 2 separate creditors double of what I originally owe.

Thank You for your time.



I do not think it is reasonable to pay a debt twice.

You have two option, call both the debt collectors and see who is really collecting the account or dispute both accounts at the credit bureaus. The one that remains is the one that is collecting the account.

Once you know who is collecting the debt negotiate it as best as you can for a deletion from the credit report. A deletion of a utility company may not always be possible but it is worth the try.  

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