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I need assistance.  My once sparkling credit score of 800+ recently took a big hit due to my complacency... With an ignorant thought that I needed to open another credit line to ensure I kept a great score (more is better, right?), I somehow missed a payment.

I paid a statement with a due date of 1/18 on 3/3.... I thought this was going to be considered a 30 day late, but the reports show it as 60.  How?

How should I handle this?  Is this correct?  I'd like to get it reduced to 30 or even better, removed because it is not accurate... or is it?  

Thanks in advance.


Hi! I could not tell you whether is late or not because that is up to lenders billing cycle. Whether is 30 or 60 days past due, I suggest calling the creditor to see if they can do a courtesy removal of at least one late payment.

Often creditors are willing to remove at least one late payment if there is not a history of late payments and if they think the client is in mortgage process. If the front line customer service can not assist in your goals I suggest trying to contact the Executive Customer Service. They often can find a person that may have more flexibility in their decision.

Good Luck!

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