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I recently took out enough money from my 401 K ro pay off ALL my credit card debt about $25,000 -
before payig off anything my credit score on credit karma showed
658 Transunion and 675 Equifax - on my discover card they have free credit scores and there I showed on FICO 727 (first of all I dont understand how they can all be so differnt - but anyway
I have since paid off all my debt (within the last week) since the loan is form my 401K I know it doesnt show up in my credit report - so right now the ONLY thing showing on my report is out mortagage which we have had for well over 10 years and rating on that is 100% never late etc etc -
My husbands credit score is almost 860 - we do not share credit cards he has his and I (Had) mine I did not close anything I just paid them off - what are my next steps to insure I can get my credit score up (like into the 800's) do I use the cards for purchases and then pay the balances off every month? Do I not use the cards at all and just keep them? We recently refianced our house  and the loan guy said the reason my score was so low is because I was to close to the limit on all my cards (and I was)  - my ratings always showed perfect paying (never late) no repo's or anything like that
Im so confused
MUCH THANKS for your help

You do not have to spend on your credit cards to get a higher credit score. That is a myth.

Keep the credit cards open at -0- balance. If you want to tweak your credit scores then put a balance of no more than 6% of the credit limit on one or two cards 30 days before applying for financing. I do not suggest carrying a balance just to have a few points higher credit score.

That is best that you can do.  

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