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Hi Mr Ebert- My question is the following: my wife and I have a credit score of 659, and are trying to improve that number. We owe $16,000 on one credit card( limit $19,000) and $6000 on another credit card (limit $9000). We are going to receive a $5000 tax refund in the next few weeks and want to apply it to our debts. Now here is the crux of our question. My wife owes only $2000 to pay off her car and she thinks it would be best to pay off her car before paying down the credit cards. I say it is best to pay down the credit cards first because the balances are too high... We don't understand the determination of credit scores very well.  What is the best way to pay down our debts with $5000 in terms of improving our credit score? What should be paid first?  thank you

If we are speaking of credit score purposes only, I would use the $5000 to pay down credit cards.

Once the car loan is paid off, it gets calculated as a past current debt and not as a current debt. Current debts on a credit report carry more weight.

I would pay down the $6K credit card first by using all $5K to pay the balance to below $1K.

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