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I am 20 years old and every major purchase I made has been in cash. My last apartment I rented when I lived in Seattle surprisingly didn't show up on my credit score so basically I didn't have a credit score.
I wanted to build one so I opened a new bank account and started a secured credit card account. I have never missed a payment and my score is 722.
What I was wondering is is this actually a good score? It only represents that I paid my credit card bill on time. I am transferring to Texas State and would like to rent a house (since it is cheaper than an apartment) but I'm not sure if my credit score is strong enough to do that.

A 722 credit score is a good score considering that you do not use your credit.

If they look at credit score alone on the application then you should have not problem. On rental applications they are going to look at past rental history, current earnings, current debts, and your credit score.

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