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Hi Chris!

  I am in the aftermath of a credit problem, and need some help in one of the first steps of repairing my credit.  I had a couple of credit cards, and was doing fine paying them until I started to work for my father.  Unfortunately my father was a selfish man and my payment for working in his bankrupty law firm dwindled until it was nothing.  I ended up not being able to pay for my cards until it went to collections. I tried to work something out, but have since been trying to keep work with this economy.  Is there a way to not so much EXCUSE everything after the fact, but at least pay off and somehow repair my credit?  I'm looking to eventually be able to qualify for a loan and buy a car some day, and at this rate I'll need a cosigner for the end of eternity. What is the best thing to do now? Thanks much!



I am sorry to hear about your situation. I have been there before and it is tough but the good news is it does end.

1) First option is to do nothing. Time will heal all.Items can not appear on your credit report after 7 years from charge off (for credit cards that is 6 months from date of last payment plus 7 years). Of course they could always sue to collect.

2) If income is that low possibly filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is an option. Know a good BK attorney?

3) Debt Settlement -- You can try to settle the accounts yourself. Once the amounts get to -0- balance and 24 months have passed the negative collection will not affect the credit score so much.

4) Credit Counseling -- Valid option where you go to a non-profit. YOu will pay all the interest and amounts due but the creditors will pretty much leave you alone. I think you have to have XXX income to make this work.

What ever option you choose, I would consider opening a secured credit card in the meantime. This will help build credit and as the other stuff ages and gets paid off it will be important tool to maintain a higher score.  

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