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Creditors and Bankruptcy/Collection agency drafte d checks and withdrew money


I was reviewing my bank statement and noticed 2 drafted checks that were debited from my account, the first was for $9.95, check number was #9999 and then a couple days later was another for $118.45, check number #1032.  The printed/stamped info on the back of the check that I was able to view online seemed to be purposely so crunched together and I couldn't make it out.  I started looking up the company name on Google and put 2 and 2 together and it was the balance due for my Progressive insurance that I let go.  I emailed progressive regarding the matter and this was their response:

"The security and privacy of our customers is important to us. A review of your policy indicates we received the payment of $118.45 on 02/15/2013. This payment paid off your outstanding balance. Please note, Progressive does not have any of your banking information on file. Information regarding the outstanding balance was sent to you on 11/05/2012 and 11/25/2012 prior to the balance being sent to Credit Collection Services (CCS). To file a dispute with the collection agency, please contact them at the following:
Credit Collection Services (CCS)
PO Box 9134
Needham Heights, MA 02494
Attn: Client Services"

Mind you the bank account was new and never used with Progressive, the bank investigated and there was no judgement against me presented to them.  I'm doing my best to figure it out and protect my rights...I realize it is MY debt, but that does not mean it is ok to do what has been done....What are my options? I live in FL

  MIchellene:     I was kind of surprised by your curious response, but after looking back at what you saw, now your response does make some sense (although it is based on a misunderstanding of what has happened here).    You asked a question and placed it in the question pool, and I saw it and answered your question.     However, it does not appear that the answer was ever published, and that therefore all you received was a blank response, and then you received the usually option to rate the answer to the question.     You had no way of knowing that the answer provided was not published by the computer so you could read it - and hence your "curious" most recent response about self praise, etc.   If this is the first time you have used this web site, you are mistaken if you come away with the impression of anything negative.    I have been volunteering on this web site for the past several years, maybe close to 15 or so since it has been in existence as or ask the, I believe it used to be called, and as a volunteer my experience on this web site has been nothing but positive.    It will be your loss if you don't use it again because it really is an excellent resource.

The answer to your question that you apparently did not receive was that your rights as a debtor in this situation are pretty much controlled by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act, two federal laws that were passed in the 1960's relating to abusive debt collection and reporting practices.    In a nutshell, the process is that you must first give the credit reporting agencies a chance to correct their mistaken entries on your credit report.     If hey don't (and they won't), you then must decide whether this is important enough to you to file a lawsuit to compel them to correct your records.     I have had some experience doing this  over the years, and could explain to you in more detail how it would work, what it would cost, etc., on the telephone.    I will not charge you just to talk on the phone.

You can call me directly concerning this anytime you wish at this number and I will be glad to help you.     915  261-3893

By the way, you are not obligated to make any comments or ratings if you choose not to do so.   There was no "demand" for praise -   this computer glitch was just a legitimate misunderstanding  of what had actually occurred.

Jack Hall  J.D.
915  261-3893  

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