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How much does the overall cost of a chapter 7 bankruptcy in California average? How long does it take to finalize from start to finish? What paperwork do I need to file on my own?

Hello Bryan:     The typical cost to do a chapter 7 in California is about 1,500 to 2,000, although you might be able to get an attorney to do it for you for around 1,000.     Also, there is a filing fee of 303 dollars, and you have to pay about 25 for debt counseling (which is just a quick test that takes about 15 minutes).   

I have a law degree and I do bankruptcies in California all the time and if I did a Chapter 7 for you I would charge 250.    Also, it is possible that you could get the filing fee waived, depending on where you are in California.    If not, you could pay the 303 filing fee in four installments with nothing down at the time of filing.       Also, it is possible to typical the 25 dollar counseling fee waived.

Can you do it yourself?   Yes, but difficult, time consuming, and a very real chance you will end up losing something that you otherwise would not have lost.   For someone that has never done it (lawyers included) bankruptcy can seem to be quite complicated.

It is hard to say any of this for sure without knowing more specifics about your situation.   For example, if you have judgments against you, or if you own real property, or if you make over a certain amount of income, you may not be able to do this yourself.     

I saw that you just sent me this email a few seconds ago.   If you wanted to call me to talk about your specific situation, I could give you more concrete answers.    You can call me at this number:   915  261-3893    I will not charge you just to talk on the phone.  

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