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Had no insurance at the time and hospital stay of six days and three in ICU. Trying fulfill that money owed put us behind on everything except car loan, living expenses, and rent. Have not paid on credit cards, and unsecured debt loans.

Cannot come up with the filing fee bankrupt attorney needs. Two banks turned us down for a small loan under 1,500. Tapped out and behind with our bank on unsecured debt But current on car loan. No family in a position to lend us money.

Lawyer will take payments on the rest owed for his service "after we come up with the filing fee"
Where can we go to attain a small loan for the amount we need ? I hesitate to tell them we want the loan to actually go bankrupt. Although they would be guaranteed to be re paid because we cannot file in AZ for another 7 years.

Are their legit loan company's who will loan us funds in our situation. we have no real collateral to put up.

Any bankruptcy business's or attorneys who will file With No Money Down ?

Thanks You for The Time in answering !!

Hi Ron:

Are you still interested in filing your bk case?

Jack Hall, J.D.
915 261-3893

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