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How we can call wide ball for swith hit ?

for eg. A right handed batsmen switched his position to be left handed batsmen before or during the ball is balled. And the ball passed his left side, before swith hit. Is it is wide ball ??.

What is the difference between swith hit and reverse sweep ?



Thanks for the question Remi,

Law 36.3 states: Off side of wicket
The off side of the strikerís wicket shall be determined by the strikerís stance at the moment the ball comes into play for that delivery.

So the answer would be no and the wide ball would always be on the batsmans leg side depending on his stance when the ball is delivered.

A reverse sweep is where the batsman changes his entire stance during the bowler's delivery stride, not before during the run-up. Also the reverse sweep is limited to just that, a sweep shot. By getting into position earlier a switch hitting batsman has a full array of strokes to play with if he is skilled enough.

Hope that helps.

Alex Edghill


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