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QUESTION: Suppose in an International T20 match, where match has been abandoned because of rain. Before the match was abandoned the secenrio was such:

Team- A batted first and scored 172/8
Team- B managed to score 170 at 19.5 over loosing 9

1 ball remaining 3 runs needed to win and have 1 wicket in hand.

Now the match did not start after that incident, because of heavy flood. In that situation what would be ICC’s decision to that match?

Who will be the winner as per D/l method or any ICC rules ?

ANSWER: Unfortunately I can only provide comment on problems concerning MCC Law.


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QUESTION: Please comment on the basis of MCC Law then. Thanks You

In this situation, by MCC Law, the match is drawn.  Team A have not taken all ten wicket; Team B have not scored more runs than Team A.  However, this purely hypothetical situation will never happen since the umpires would insist that the final ball be bowled, whatever the weather.



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