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Hello Mr. Dutta,

For the past couple of months i am having a doubt of no-ball for height rule.  my question is, a bowler bowls a ball which bounces well above the batsman's head with the batsman in a standing position, the batsman reaches for it with his bat and hits the ball then is it a no-ball for height, or if the hit ball or snick is caught by a fielder or W-keeper is the batsman out or is he not out because it is a no-ball for height. Does the rule of no-ball for height come into play. Or is this simply called a wide ball which is going way above the head of the batsman.

This situation has happened many times when we play on Sundays and leads to arguments :-).  Please clarify my doubts on this. Thanks.

dear murthy,
         nice question asked.and do not get confused,if the ball directly goes into the batsmen without getting pitched above the waist line of the batsmen it is given a no-ball.
and if it pitches and bounces over the height of the batsmen it is given a wide,but if he goes onto it for hitting it and if anyone catches it the decision of giving out/not out depends on the height of the ball,if it is just above the head and not too far it is given out, if the batsmen has jumped a distance to hit the ball then it is umpire's call as it happened in the india vs pakistan series in which ishant sharma has bowled a big bouncer and shoib malik has jumped in the air to hit and was caught but the umpire's didn't declare him out.

         get back to me if you have any more doubts.


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