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The following happened in our local game.
The batsman hit the ball and is going over the boundary for very obvious six.
A fielding player runs outside the boundary rope (feet are grounded), positions himself and waits for the ball,
then jump and pats the ball back inside the field of play, where another fielder (inside the boundary) takes the catch.
This caused quite an argument as the fielding side declared,
the fielder was never in contact with the ground while he was in contact with the ball, therefore its fair play.
The batting side declared he was out-of-play when he breached the boundary and came in contact with the ground.

What are your thoughts on the above.
Can a fielder breach the boundary and wait under a ball (feet grounded)and then jump to throw the ball back into field of play.


Hey Sunny,

Sorry, just managed to get online.

Here's what the law states:

A ball may be caught, or fielded after it has crossed the boundary, provided that
(i) the first contact with the ball is by a fielder either with some part of his person grounded within the boundary, or whose final contact with the ground before touching the ball was within the boundary.
(ii) neither the ball, nor any fielder in contact with the ball, touches or is grounded beyond, the boundary at any time during the act of making the catch or of fielding the ball.
The act of making the catch, or of fielding the ball, shall start from the time when the ball first comes into contact with some part of a fielder’s person and shall end when a fielder obtains complete control both over the ball and over his own movement and has no part of his person touching or grounded beyond the boundary."

Here's a video that explains this further:

So to answer your question, it is NOT OUT.

Hope this answered your question.



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