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Respected Sir,

1) Is the ball become Dead after the call of "Over" ? Since many times i have seen(even in international matches ) that some of the umpires calls Over already and gives cap or equipment of bowler to him before the throw came in wkt-keepers hand or before any closing fielder fields the ball played by striker.

Law 23.3 Call of Over or Time : Say that,
Neither the call of Over nor the call of Time is to be made until the ball is dead.

But this law does not says that call of Over makes ball dead.

This thing i wanted to clear because , if any umpire calls Over and immediately after that closing fielder miss fields the ball and striker attempted the run. He may complete the run or either batsmen may get runout at either end. How to react in this situation then ?

Expecting you well explaination on this, so that i will be clear with my doubt.


Neither the call of Over (see Law 22.4), nor the call of Time (see Law 16.2) is to be made until the ball is dead.

as you have stated the call should only be made after the ball is considered dead by the bowlers end umpire, if the over has been called that means the umpire has decided it as dead. so if there is an overthrow also it will not be counted.



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