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dear sir ,
If a batsman has taken runner and still he runs after striking the ball and both his runner and him reach non striking end and the non striker reaches strikers end can the batman be run out by knocking the bells off at strikers end .

thanking you for your help.


G'day Dinesh, great question. Correct the injured strikers ground is at the wicket keepers end end and only at that end. so if he is out of his ground (regardless of where the runner and non striker end up ) then he can be run out.

See law 2.8 c

(c)When a batsman who has a runner is striker he remains himself subject to the Laws and will be liable to the penalties that any infringement of them demands.
Additionally, if he is out of his ground when the wicket at the wicket-keeper’s end is fairly put down by the action of a fielder then, notwithstanding (b) above and irrespective of the position of the non-striker and the runner,

here is a link to the laws online.


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