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Cricket/How do you run out a batsmen when all 3 stumps are down?


Here is an hypothetical incident: Batsman misses the ball, keeper collects the ball and dislodges bails and uproots all the 3 stumps while batsman was still inside the crease. Its clear that at this point batsman is not out. Then batsmen starts running to take a run. At this point in time to make run out, does keeper need to put the stumps back and uproot it again by holding ball in hand or just holding the one of stump lying on ground and ball in one hand is sufficient?

hello raghu,
         good question asked.actually it's not an hypothetical question but when the situation happened as you said it is sufficient that he should hold the wicket and the ball in the same hand and the batsmen is declared out or he should place the stump in the actual place of the stump and remove it again.

         come back to me if you are unsatisfied.


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