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Cricket/run out in case of a by runner


Hi alex!    In case of a striker with a by runner  hits the ball and runs with his by runner and they both make it safely to the bowling crease and at the other hand non striker makes it safely to the batting crease....can the striker with a runner be out if keeper hits the stumps of batting crease..?   



Thanks for the question Tarun,

In your scenario the batting crease stumps is the ground for the injured striker. As such if he runs to the non-striker's end he will be out run out even if his runner is safely in the batting crease and he is safely at the non-striker's crease. The laws are very clear that the batting crease is his only safe ground as he should not be running.

Alternatively, if he played the ball and his runner and the non-striker complete a run, but he himself did not return to the crease he would be run out as well.

I hope that answers your question!
Alex Edghill


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