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Cricket/MS Dhoni - illegal wk gloves?


Nice rules question...I may have spotted MS Dhoni using illegal equipment live on TV in the last ODI v WI...(won by WI so no outcome issues).

In the TV footage, Dhoni is *very* clearly wearing w/k gloves that have the ring and little finger taped together by a loop of what looks like standard medical zinc oxide tape around *both* fingers. I checked several images and I am quite sure that the tape has not been placed around each finger individually. (I know, I left the border between sanity and obsessive spectrum behaviour some time ago to be even *noticing* things like this)

Law 40.2 states:

2. Gloves

If, as permitted under 1 above, the wicket-keeper wears gloves, they shall have no webbing between the fingers except joining index finger and thumb, where webbing may be inserted as a means of support. If used, the webbing shall be

(a) a single piece of non-stretch material which, although it may have facing material attached, shall have no reinforcements or tucks.

(b) such that the top edge of the webbing

(i) does not protrude beyond the straight line joining the top of the index finger to the top of the thumb.

(ii) is taut when a hand wearing the glove has the thumb fully extended.

See Appendix C

Appendix C refers to the first finger/thumb web and provides pictures.

Now...the presence of tape effectively creates a “web” between the last 2 fingers and even if it has been applied, as was likely, for medical reasons, I believe the tape renders the gloves illegal under Law 40.2. I understand that the “web” so created would be very small, perhaps even irrelevant as a WEB – but it would provide greater stability for a weakened finger included in the binding. This constitutes a material advantage disallowed under the Laws. The fact that you may apply tape to naked fingers for the purpose of supporting a weakened digit is irrelevant as naked fingers are not covered by Law 40.2 whereas gloves most definitely are.

Your opinion?

I have not yet seen the incident - is there some footage online?

I am inclined to agree with you that it does contravene the ketter of the Law and does give a very small advantage.

I would be interested to know what the umpires or referee knew.

I have posted the question on to see what other people think.


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