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QUESTION: Dear Sir, gudmrng......i am g.jitendra from vizianagaram district cricket association(a c a)...i am very intersted in umpiring & scoring....present my age is not qualified in any level exams....i did so many matches (eendadu trophys and university matchs as umpire.....) and i also learnd linear scoring method and i did (u-16 inter distcrit matches & u-16 inter zonals matches......) so i want to knw how the examination is conducted and what are the game of laws for umpiring & scoring and is there any tests r cnductd before cnductng d exam....and how d marks are given and total marks...and qualified for level-1 what r d marks alloted for qualification......thanking you, sir, yours sincerly, g.jitendra pratap

ANSWER:  you dont need any educational qualification to start umpiring but it's minimum that you should be fluent in english.  you need experience to write the level-1 exam.when you first approach your local association for the post of an umpire they will conduct a simple basic course of rules of the game and conduct the exam and after passing out they will appoint you in the local leagues and after a series of games umpired and based on your performence the local association will recommend you o the level-1 exam and you need to pass it with 80 %.if you pass the level-1 exam you'l get posted in the certain state matches during the cricket season.writing the level-1 exam and planning to got to the higher levels is some what taking it as a professional job.i exactly dont know the out of out marks at present,i have written the exam a decade back and i dont know the present explain you the laws of the game it isn't possible to tell you the 42 laws so i suggest you to go to the google web page and type the laws of cricket you could find the link of wikipedia and learn more about the laws over there.

         Hope these answers clears your doubts,and feel free to ask me again.

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QUESTION: thank u very much sir....sir what r d books need to refer for scoring exam sir...i    get the 43 laws from the google and i noted in my personal book.....and from 4 december 2013 onwards  i am doing u-14 zone matches in vzm....pvg raju sports complex as scorer sir.........i want to improve my self to kept better perfomane with your suggestions northzone   any scoring and umpiring classes are conducted sir......and when the eamination dates are conducted...

dear jitendra,
         first of all congratulations for your selection to the scoring panel.there are no certified books based on scoring and you could do better only by doing more and more know more about the examination dates better contact your local cricket association as said.

         thank you for having faith in me and feel free to ask me any queries.

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