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QUESTION: My understanding of the law is that a No-ball call relating to a delivery has nothing to do with the actions of the batsman.

If a batsman tries to hit the 1st short-pitched ball in the over that is above head height and is caught by a fielder...

Is he OUT?

ANSWER: G'day Vamsi, Great question, Law 24 , No ball has nothing about height of ball.  Law 25 wide ball, also has nothing about height other then the wording

Law35.3(b) The umpire shall revoke the call of Wide ball if there is then any contact between the ball and the striker’s bat or person.

I think you'll find that it's a playing condition either imposed by a local league, or in the case of internationals by the ICC,  

After reading through the ODI playing Conditions by ICC , there is nothing under law 24 or 25 that addresses this , however we have all seen on TV when a ball goes over a players head it's called a wide. But i can't find a law to support it.  We have also seen a ball that is like that been hit and a wide changed to no ball. However again , can't find anything definitive on that.

1st short pitched ball in an over , has no relevance to the rest of the question as it's not taken into account.

So if i was umpiring, i'd call a no ball and give him not out, as the ball was not reachable by a standard cricket shot, and i couldn't call it wide as he hit it. But i can't find those exact words in any text.


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QUESTION: First of all I could not find anything related to revoking of a wide ball in Law 35 which is related to HIT WICKET. I could not find anything mentioned in Laws of Cricket or ICC's ODI or TEST playing conditions.

ICC ODI Playing condition number 42.4.1 (d) states that "a ball that passes
above head height of the batsman, that prevents him
from being able to hit it with his bat by means of a
normal cricket stroke shall be called a wide."

Also 42.4.1 (f) states that "In the event of a bowler bowling more than one(which has been changed to two now) fast
short-pitched delivery in an over as defined in Clause
42.4.1 (b) above, the umpire at the bowlers end shall
call and signal no ball on each occasion. A differential
signal shall be used to signify a fast short pitched
delivery. The umpire shall call and signal ‘no ball’ and
then tap the head with the other hand."

So if a batsman tries to hit the 1st short-pitched ball in the over that is above head height(which would have been called a wide if left alone) the ball becomes a legal delivery and if caught by a fielder the batsman should be declared out.

This is as per Standard One Day International Match Playing Conditions. What is your opinion?

G'day Vamsi,  great research, didn't think to look at law 42.  In my humble opinion if the first ball of the over bounces above the head in a ODI or 20/20 game and the batsman hit it, I would call no ball.  In a test or first class game , i'd give him out.

Hope that helps.


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