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Here is the situation. A batsman hit the ball to boundary for six high in the air. The fielder chasing the ball for catch cross the boundary line unknowingly. But when he know that he himself out side the field(boundary line). Then he stay there(out side the boundary line)and wait for ball. When ball comes nearer to him the fielder jumped(out side the boundary line) in the air and push the ball to inside the line of boundary. When he come in contact with ball he was in air. Then he come in side the field and through the ball to wicket. Here the umpire did not signal the ball for six. But the batsman argue that it must be six because no fielder can go outside the field and push the ball though he is in air. So my question is that is the batsman argument is valid? Is there any rule that a fielder can go outside the boundary line and push the ball to in side the field by jumping in the air from out side of field. is there any icc rules regarding the situation.

G'day Raashid, great question.  Short answer it's 6 runs, as the player had touched the ground OUTSIDE the boundary  BEFORE he jumped into the air and touched the ball. 19.4 (i) seals it.

Law 19.4 4. Ball beyond the boundary
A ball may be caught, subject to the provisions of Law 32, or fielded after it has crossed the boundary, provided that
(i) the first contact with the ball is by a fielder either with some part of his person grounded within the boundary, or whose final contact with the ground before touching the ball was within the boundary.
(ii) neither the ball, nor any fielder in contact with the ball, touches or is grounded beyond, the boundary at any time during the act of making the catch or of fielding the ball.
The act of making the catch, or of fielding the ball, shall start from the time when the ball first comes into contact with some part of a fielder’s person and shall end when a fielder obtains complete control both over the ball and over his own movement and has no part of his person touching or grounded beyond the boundary.


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