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Cricket/Law 41 : The Fielder


QUESTION: Respected Sir,

I used to write down the summery of and the mistakes i did in every match,
Following two doubts come form my summery notes and my experience.


keeping in mind 42.2 fielding the ball. ( fielder fielding the ball willfully with his person. Considering the shoe of bowler as a person )

When i was bowlers end umpire , bowler delivered a fair delivery , striker played straight drive , the ball was in air and coming towards the bowler , bowler read that he has not enough time to bend down and took a catch , so instead he fielded/objected the ball with his shoe with slight upwards direction so that he caught that defected ball with his hands. I gave out at that moment .

But don't you think that that was a willful act by the bowler to field the ball with his shoe so that he can catch it ?


I was doing a T20 match, there were field restrictions that min 4 inside after power play.
i used to check the field inside 30 yards at each over when i was striker's end/square leg umpire. but at 19th over when i was bowler's end umpire my colleague misses it and allowed 3 inside. after two deliveries somebody outside the field let it know to us.

I know it's primary responsibility of the striker's end umpire to check the field but how to deal with this situation ?
what practice i must follow i field restricted game as a bowler's end umpire?

Kindly give your views on my questions.

Mayur Wankhade.

ANSWER: Dear Mayur,

Thanks for your question but as usual need to say sorry for the delay in answering them.

1. You must know what is willful act and what is not.

I will quote one example here. When a fielder is running to field the ball if the cap is blown off and ball happens to touch that cap, no penalty will be given for that casual accident and breach of rule. As that is not the willful act, the blowing of cap while running is different then taking off cap to catch the ball or to field the ball. If the fielder removes the cap and ball happens to hit the cap, it is called willful act and rule is breached here and 5 penalty runs will result. But this is not the case with helmet, whether it falls itself or you take it off while fielding the ball, the rule is breached and 5 penalty runs are scored.

Here what the bowler is trying, he is just trying to stop the ball with his person which is attached and not detached t his body, and if the ball after hitting the shoe, is held by any fielder the batsman is out and there is no question of willful act.

Like wise, if a batsman plays the ball with his bat and before the ball touches the ground hits his shoe and a catch is held, the striker is always out caught.

2.  The responsibility lies on either umpire, whosoever comes to know regarding the breach of this rule, should call and signal no ball.

Since somebody brought to your notice you can't give the previous ball "No ball". But as soon as you have come to know, you must be watchful and should not hesitate to declare no ball, irrespective of your end.

But to control this situation, at first place you must inform the captain before toss, that you along with your WK, should be alert on field restriction rule, to avoid anything wrong on the field.

Secondly you both are a team and should share your responsibilities on the ground. Certain things you have to follow jointly to cooperate each other. Its a Umpires' team. Either of you must be watchful when bowler takes his start and that the required fielders are inside the 30 yard circle. You must watch the fielders outside the circle that they should not be more than 5, if you find the 6th fielder you must call No ball.

So both umpires must be alert and share responsibility. Both umpires most be on toes to watch the infringement.

Hope you will like this and I am sure you will not err on this. But don't leave it to other umpire. Thanks for your consistency to know more about umpiring and I am enjoying but at the same time please bear with me for delay.

With best wishes,

Suhas Sapre (Baroda 18022013)

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks you sir for clearing my doubts.

It's not important that how long you take to answer the questions but the important thing is that whenever you answer my questions, those are much more easy and simple to understand. And at the same time as i am officiating the matches it becomes easy to assimilate what are you talking since i can actually imagine the scenario or sometimes i have already experienced this on the field. So as you said that you are enjoying , i too enjoying asking you the questions. This will not only the valuable knowledge for me but also for our friends which are following this forum.

while asking the questions i am more focus about the on field experiences so that it becomes easy to understand what the law says and what are intentions behind the law.

Thanks again , thanks a lot.

Mayur Wankhade.

Dear Mayur,

I appreciate your patience and also thanks for your compliments. Its a great feeling to learn more and more about umpiring questions. It also helps me refresh my knowledge. I am trying to give off my best and want more and more people to acquire more knowledge through this.

Cricket is most probably the only game, having 42 Laws and the game has passed through many periodic changes. What is important is that application of Law. Even though you know all 42 Laws, you must know their applications on the ground, when it demands.

Hope you enjoy and will learn many more aspects of the Laws. Thanks again for coming out with more questions.

With best wishes,

Suhas Sapre (Baroda 21022013)  


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