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Respected Sir,

What field technique need to adopt for judging the ball played by striker which is above his waist height?

do we have to keep in mind the position of the striker from where he has attempted that strike? e.g many times striker steps out and full toss ball comes just over waist height. How to deal with such situation.

Law mentions "striker standing upright at the popping crease" for waist height delivery. how to interpret this line with respect to waist height NO ball?

Can bowler's end umpire directly call a waist height NO ball if he considers so without looking for the striker's end umpires decision?

Mayur Wankhade.

Sorry to be slow in answering - I am away on business.

The Law specifically says "at Popping Crease".  If he comes forward, then you must judge where the ball would have travelled.  Some umpires find it helpful to identify some object beyond the boundary which is in line with the striker's waist before he crouches down.

The decision is entirely the Bowler's End BUT if you trust your partner it can be very helpful to have a small discrete signal.  I suggest that he rests his chin on his fist if he considers there has been an offence - the same signal for both slow shoulder and fast waist.

Look at Tom Smith's Cricket Umpiring and Scoring and MCC's Open Learning Manual - free download,833,AR  


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