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Respected Sir,

         This is kaushik from Hyderabad. My age is 28 and i am really interested to become cricketer from my child age on words but due to financial problems and lack of family support i was unable to make. So like most of the people i finished my under graduation, finished my masters in Australia and i have Australian green card now. i am working in IT field now, But still every day of my life i regret that may be i didn't convince my parents enough to get into cricket field. i am really not happy with my life because im not interested or may be i don't know anything than cricket.

   I played school level cricket and in college cricket and even now i play every weekend with my friends. i have lot passion towards game but i am sad that i am not able to do anything in that field. so i have decided strongly to become cricket umpire. At least in that way i can serve to great game. Please guide me at this age of 28 can i make umpiring as my profession? ( i know its not easy to become umpire. but my interest and madness towards game i can put my 100 effort into it).

1) Is there any age limit to start coaching in umpiring like in cricket we need to start at least at age of 10.

2) If i can where can i get coaching classes in INDIA or in AUSTRALIA( i have green card and i will get my citizenship in 1 year).

3) what is the process to get into International level.

Please do reply sir.

Thank You


dear koushik,
         see when you don't talk anything the answer will always be no so as regretting now you could have convinced your parents at that time so that you could be in good position now whether you succeed or not it's better trying and failing than to do nothing.

         Anyway's "better late than never" and you could also continue your passion in field of cricket by become a professional umpire first you should know the basic laws of cricket so as you already said that you have played some cricket you could have known the basic rules parlelly you could know more about professional umpiring by reading umpiring books i would recommend TOM SMITH's umpiring book which is used by all the professional umpire's. i don't know about the australian way of selection but in india you could first approach HCA(Hyderabad Cricket Association as you said that you are from Hyderabad)and apply for a umpiring in the local league's and then BCCI conduct's a level-1 umpiring examination alternate years which consists of only basic cricket rules and you have to enroll your name in pass in it you need to get about 80% which is english only.After passing level-1, you need to stand in local matches under the observation of the BCCI officials.
         After passing level-1, you will be invited at BCCI umpiring advance training at Nagpur. Your theory as well as practical knowledge will be tested and you will be given gradation. Only candidates of "A" grade will be eligible for level-2 exam. After passing level-2 exam, you will be placed on BCCI panel and then to level-3 and based on your umpiring performance you will be selected to the bcci elite panel of umpires and to the ICC level and you could umpire international mathces at HOME ONLY.
         There are two panel's in international umpiring 1)elite panel and 2)international panel of umpire' get into those you need to have more experience.

         Best Of luck Koushik hope that you achieve your dreams.i'm sure that this information will satisfy your queries, get back to me if you have anymore doubts.


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