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Cricket/Wide-ball/no ball/one bounce rule


Hello!!!Hope you are doing well.So here,I am confused about when a bouncer should be called a wide,when it should be called a no ball and when it should be called a "one bounce"? Is it anything related to test matches or ODIs or T20s?Should it be above the head height or shoulder height before being signalled wide/no ball/one bounce? Or is it related to how many bouncers the bowler have already bowled in the innings?

a) A bowler shall be limited to two fast short-pitched deliveries
per over.
b) A fast short-pitched delivery is defined as a ball, which
passes or would have passed above the shoulder height of
the striker standing upright at the popping crease.
c) The umpire at the bowlers' end shall advise the bowler and
the batsman on strike when each fast short pitched delivery
has been bowled.
d) In addition,
a ball that passes above head height of the batsman, that prevents him from being able to hit it
with his bat by means of a normal cricket stroke shall be
called a wide.
e) For the avoidance of doubt any fast short pitched delivery
that is called a wide  shall also
count as one of the allowable short pitched deliveries in that


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