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hello sir,
A fielder is forced to leave the field for attention to a minor injury. He has been absent for 32
minutes when play is suspended due to heavy rain. When play resumes at the end of the
interruption, which has lasted for 24 minutes, the injured player returns with his side. The captain
asks you when the player will be allowed to bowl. How do you answer the query?

According to me That fielder can ball whenever his captain wants him to ball. But As It is written in Lords Website The answer is 8 minutes.
Why will the fielder wait for 8 minutes to be able to bowl. He has been off the field only for 8 minutes.

but the Law states that if a fielder is out of the ground for 15 minutes or more then he is bound to spend that amount of time before he can bowl for which he has been off the field. But if a fielder has been out of the ground for less than 15 minutes then he can bawl whee ever his captain wants him to bowl. So in my first question fielder had been off the field for 32 minutes but there was interruption for 24 minutes, so the fielder actually had been off the ground only for 8 minutes because he returns back on the field with his team as well as the interruption was over. so I think the time of his absence from the field is not countable at all. thus he must be permitted to bowl at once if his captain wants him to bowl..
Your valuable answer will solve my query.

You are correct in that the 24 minutes of interruption is counted as playing time for the purpose of the amount of time the fielder must wait before he can bowl.  Your mistake is to think of the 8 minutes remaining as a separate thing when it is not.  The player has been off the field for 32 minutes.  He must still wait for 32 minutes before he can bowl.  32-24=8 minutes to wait (assuming he goes on to the field when play restarts).



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