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hello sir,I am appearing in bcci level 2 exam and hope you help me how to write answers in level 2 exams
1) what is unfair play ?
2)umpires duty , before match , during and after match
3)conditions are fit for play

Umpires’ duties before toss
• when to arrive
• what to agree with captains
• what to decide and tell captains
• informing scorers
 Umpires’ duties before toss and during match
• wickets and creases
• boundary
• implements and equipment
• conduct of the game
 Sole judges of fair and unfair play
 Fair and unfair play
 Ground weather and light
• umpires are final judges of fitness
• procedure if conditions unsuitable
• procedure if conditions unreasonable or dangerous
• procedure if play is suspended
• resumption of play after an interval
• exceptional circumstances
 Positioning of umpires
 Umpires changing ends
 Consultation between umpires
 Signals to scorers
• when made, by which umpire
• separately acknowledged
 Umpires’ responsibility with regard to scores
• to satisfy themselves of correctness
• what they must check with scorers
• and when

3.Level 1: Suitable – perfectly acceptable.
Level 2: Unsuitable – not ideal for play, but not actually dangerous. Play may or may not take place, depending upon agreement by captains.
Level 3: Unreasonable or dangerous – any reasonable person could foresee the likelihood of injury to those on the field of play. Umpires will not allow play to take place. Captains


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