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Dear sir,
I am john,aged 22,born in tamilnadu.I have great passion for cricket.infact cricket is my life.due to my family financial status i couldnt play from my younger age.i completed engineering and working in MNC now.but still i have thirst to become a cricketer.pls help me sir,either should i drop my job and continue playing cricket.if so,will i earn enough to survive without disturbing my it ok to start coaching along with continuing my job for 2 more years and drop it.i am good all rounder(never got a chance to play leather ball cricket).pls mention about my step by step progress as a cricketer and earnings during my initial period(I am not concentrating on money alone,but making sure how i am going to manage my expenses after dropping my current job).waiting for ur reply.

Hi John,

I'm really not proficient enough to provide you career level advises.

However, just my 2 cents:
You mentioned you never got a chance to play with leather ball, does it mean you usually play only with tennis ball? If that is the case, then you need to really get exposure to playing with leather ball. Its a difference between day & night. A lot of people who are great tennis ball cricketers are not that good with leather ball cricket.

So if its to do with your career, then I would suggest you to first find avenues where you can play with leather ball. Then if you think you are still very good, then you could start playing for clubs.. there are various levels of tournaments happening, division leagues. By repeatedly performing well in every match, you will get noticed & will potentially get opportunities at bigger leagues.

I think you should have your job to back you up until all the above happens. Good Luck!


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