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Dear Sir,
(1) Iam a Cricket Crazy Guy,My Question is if the Point Fielder Stands straight to the wicket is it a No ball or not,if yes in which Cricketing law it is mentioned,Please Suggest.
(2)Can i Place 7 to 8 Fielders on the on side,Please Mention the in which cricketing laws it is mentioned

The following answers accord with standard MCC Laws BUT International or local special regulations may over-ride these.

(1) Point may stand as straight as possible without overhanging the pitch - which is 10 feet wide (Law 7).  

Law 41.6. Fielders not to encroach on pitch

While the ball is in play and until the ball has made contact with the strikerís bat or person, or has passed the strikerís bat, no fielder, other than the bowler, may have any part of his person grounded on or extended over the pitch.

(2)  As may as you like BUT not more than two behind - not even a toe or hand of the third player must overhang the popping crease.

Law 41.5. Limitation of on side fielders

At the instant of the bowlerís delivery there shall not be more than two fielders, other than the wicket-keeper, behind the popping crease on the on side. A fielder will be considered to be behind the popping crease unless the whole of his person whether grounded or in the air is in front of this line.
In the event of infringement of this Law by any fielder, the strikerís end umpire shall call and signal No ball.


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