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We are playing a tournament consisting of 2 teams. Where the top team goes directly to final, 2nd and 3rd team of the table play a playoff to enter final.

Here the 2nd (B) team has already qualified for playoff. Currently the 3rd team (C)had 8 points at the end of their 7th match and we (D) had 6 points after our 7th match.

The last match of the tournament was to be played between us
(C vs D). Team C had better net run rate than us. They gave us the walkover as they did not have enough players on the match day.

In this case how to decide which team will enter playoff??? Kindly suggest.


regularly to tackle all this generally in playing conditions of tournament we keep like no walkover permitted or like points awarded.
if u have something like that it would have solved, but as i understand u guys dont have it, so better speak to the officials and organisers and get a solutions which suits you in best way



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